“He’s Worse” 50 Cent REVEALS Why Will Smith Is On The Run After Diddy Raids

Will Smith Back in the Hot Seat: 50 Cent Throws Shade, Rumors Resurface

Just In: 50 Cents Just Exposed what Diddy did with Will Smith, JayZ & Drake  - YouTube


Will Smith has been in the news a lot lately, and not always for the best reasons. In recent weeks, a number of rumors and allegations have resurfaced about the actor, including claims of an open marriage, infidelity, and even that he is gay. These rumors have been circulating for years, but they have gained new traction in the wake of Jada Pinkett Smith’s comments about her and Will’s “unconventional” relationship.

One of the most persistent rumors about Will and Jada Smith is that they have an open marriage. This rumor gained traction in 2020 when Jada said on her Red Table Talk show that she and Will had “agreed to not put any constraints on each other’s freedom.” She also said that she believes in “liberation” and that “people should be free to do whatever they want.”

These comments led many people to believe that Will and Jada have an open marriage, which means that they are okay with each other having sex with other people. However, both Will and Jada have denied this claim. Jada has said that she and Will are “not here to do what’s real for everybody else,” and Will has said that he is “not a swinger.”

50 Cent EXPOSES Will Smith For COVERING Up For Diddy.. - YouTube

In addition to rumors of an open marriage, there have also been allegations that Will Smith has cheated on Jada Pinkett Smith. These allegations have been around for years, but they resurfaced in 2023 when Will’s former assistant, Brother Bilal, claimed that he once saw Will having sex with actor Duane Martin.

Bilal made these claims in an interview with gossip blogger Tasha K. He said that he saw the encounter while working as Will’s assistant in the early 2000s. Bilal also said that he believes Will is gay, and that Jada knows about his sexuality but is in denial.

Will and Jada have both denied Bilal’s allegations. Will has called them “fabricated,” and Jada has challenged Bilal to sue her if he is telling the truth.

The rumors about Will Smith’s sexuality have been around for years. Some people believe that he is gay because he has played gay characters in movies, and because he has been seen with other men in compromising situations. However, Will has never publicly addressed his sexuality.

In 2016, actress Alexis Arquette accused Will of paying off his first wife, Sheree Fletcher, to keep quiet about his alleged homosexuality. Fletcher denied the claims, and Will has never commented on them.

The rumors and allegations about Will Smith are just that – rumors and allegations. There is no concrete evidence to support any of them. However, they have been circulating for years, and they have gained new traction in the wake of Jada Pinkett Smith’s comments about her and Will’s “unconventional” relationship.

Only time will tell what the truth is about Will Smith’s personal life. But for now, he is likely to continue to be the subject of rumors and speculation.

50 Cent has recently reignited the rumors about Will Smith, suggesting that he may have been involved in some of Diddy’s alleged “naughty parties.”

Tyler Perry, a friend of Diddy’s, is also facing scrutiny about his sexuality due to his private life and past association with Diddy’s parties.

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