BREAKING: NEW EVIDENCE Proves Jennifer Lopez COVERED Up for Diddy (His B0dies, A3uses..)

Diddy’s Past Catches Up: Shooting Revisited and JLo In Hot Water?

Jennifer Lopez Could Be 'Subpoenaed' in Diddy's Lawsuits | In Touch Weekly

Dives into the resurfaced allegations of a 1999 nightclub shooting involving music mogul Sean Combs, also known as Diddy.

A woman named Natan Rubin, who was allegedly shot in the face at the club, claims Diddy was the shooter, not Jamal “Shine” Barrow as previously believed.

Rubin says she testified at the original trial but believes others lied, including Jennifer Lopez, Diddy’s girlfriend at the time.

Diddy was acquitted of gun possession charges, while Shine was convicted of weapon possession, assault, and endangering others.

Rubin alleges Diddy paid off witnesses and the club to keep video evidence hidden.

A lawsuit filed by a former producer against Diddy includes claims that Diddy confessed to the shooting.

Fans speculate that JLo might have lied on the stand about the events that night, potentially facing perjury charges.

The possibility of the case being reopened and Diddy facing new charges is discussed.

Possible Consequences:

Diddy could face new charges related to the shooting if the case is reopened and evidence emerges.

JLo could face perjury charges if allegations of her lying on the stand are proven true.

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