OMG! Jennifer Lopez seduced co-star Maluma at the AMAs right on stage, making fans gasp

Watch Jennifer Lopez and Maluma’s Sexy AMAs Performance of ‘Pa’ Ti’ and ‘Lonely’

Marry Me co-stars Jennifer Lopez and Maluma gave the American Music Awards audience the first taste of their live performance chemistry—and it was as sensual and sexy as award show performances can get. The two sang their collabs “Pa’ Ti” and “Lonely,” with Lopez in a sheer black catsuit. Lopez’s dancing remained as on point as ever:

Lopez and Maluma spoke to Billboard last month about filming Marry Me and working together to make music for the film.

jennifer lopez, maluma
ABC//Getty Images

jennifer lopez, maluma
ABC//Getty Images

Lopez plays a pop star in the movie, which “was a little cathartic for me,” she said. “I was playing [a character] trying to find someone who understood her and accepted her for all of what her life was but also just saw her as a person. Like a real girl, which is what I am. People see you as this thing, this star. They forget that you’re just a girl and want to live and laugh and be normal. And that really was what the movie is about.

She and Maluma worked together on the movie’s soundtrack.

“We had the script, and then we picked places where we would like to put the music,” Lopez said. “You can’t have a movie about two pop stars who are performing and not have a soundtrack. But the album was really difficult because I wasn’t making a J.Lo album. I was writing songs for the story. So while I was on tour, I had submissions from every producer and every writer, and we listened to a hundred songs to get seven or eight.”

Everything was very fast,” Maluma added. “When I knew I was going to be part of the project, we were like, ‘Ok, we need to start writing songs.’ I was in Colombia. I brought over one of my producers—Edgar Barrera—and we started writing this song, “Segundo.” [The studio and director] liked it, but it was like, ‘We need another, more commercial reggaetón song.’ And that’s when we did that other song, ‘Uno en un Millón.’ I was super motivated.”

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