WATCH NOW: Footage Of Cardi B Twerking Before She Got Butt Implants!

Leaked Video Of Cardi B Twerking Up The Storm Before She Had Her Butt Implants by Thepasserby

It’s no news that Cardi B first embarked on a career as a stripper before she found fame and rose to become one of the favorite female rappers in the US.

Now a leaked video of the rapper twerking so hard at a public function has emerged online.

According to report, the video was done before she had he butt implants.

## Cardi B’s Throwback Twerking Video Sparks Discussions About Pre-Surgery Look

A resurfaced video featuring Cardi B’s early dancing has ignited a firestorm of conversation online. The footage, believed to be from before the rapper has publicly addressed getting butt implants, showcases her energetic and signature moves.

This unexpected clip has sparked discussions among fans about Cardi B’s journey to stardom and her evolving physical appearance.

The video has gone viral, racking up views and comments. Many fans have expressed their appreciation for Cardi B’s talent and confidence, regardless of her physique. Others have used the opportunity to discuss the pressures of beauty standards in the entertainment industry.

Cardi B herself has not commented on the resurfaced video, but it has no doubt reignited interest in her career trajectory and personal growth.

Watch full video below:

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