Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Teases New Fourth of July Idea That Keeps Daughter Olympia ‘Intrigued’

Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Teases New Fourth of July Idea That Keeps Daughter Olympia ‘Intrigued’

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Serena Williams‘ businessman husband, Alexis Ohanian, is no stranger to cooking. His previous culinary sessions with his elder daughter, Olympia, have stormed the internet with so much love, and he often tries his hand at making new things. Revealing how his diet has mostly shifted to vegetables, Ohanian amused Olympia with his take on ribs to celebrate American Independence Day.

Alexis Ohanian took to his official X platform to share his plans for the 4th of July celebration at his home. Sharing a picture of smoked beef ribs, Ohanian tweeted, “For the Fourth. Trying to smoke dino ribs for the first time. Didn’t use a binder for half of em just to see what happens. Jr is intrigued. Results tomorrow for lunch.” 

If you are a true Serena Williams fan, you must know that her Reddit co-founder husband has a knack for cooking and often indulges in preparing delicious meals for his daughters and wife. In February, Ohanian attempted to cook brisket and shared a snippet of his preparations with his followers on Instagram. Revealing that he eats vegetables most days, Ohanian confirmed trying out farm-sourced meats on weekends and special occasions.

I got into the brisket game the last few weekends and really loving the process and the surprise of unwrapping it to discover how you did”- wrote the Reddit co-founder while sharing images of his brisket preparations. He also tagged Olympia mentioning how much his elder daughter loved his meal. “Most importantly, Olympia Ohanian is loving it. After praying to God last time that I make it ‘less spicy’ I think I nailed it today”- he wrote.

Alexis Ohanian has previously shown an enthusiastic approach to cooking. His special pancake-making sessions with Olympia have created a separate fan base. Ohanian’s cooking skills have always kept his reputation high in front of his elder daughter. In his debut steak-making attempt, this businessman received a compliment from her that encouraged him more than anything.

Serena Williams’ husband beams with pride after Olympia approves of his debut steak preparation

In January this year, Ohanian shared a clip on his Instagram story sharing his first and dedicated attempt at making a juicy medium-rare steak for his family. Showing snippets from his preparation, he wrote, “OK first time. Can’t wait to get back out there. Always better.”  Given that Alexis Ohanian’s creative spirits are often encouraged by Olympia, he didn’t hesitate to ask his princess for her opinion on the dish. “I loved it”- said Olympia, wishing she could eat ten pieces.

While Olympia took her daddy’s side, Serena Williams added a funny banter by refusing to accept that Ohanian’s steak was medium rare. Ohanian started a poll on his social media, showcasing the healthy bond among this adorable family.

Alexis Ohanian’s 4th of July preparations revealed that he is an enthusiastic cook who never gets bored of preparing sumptuous meals for his daughters. Regardless of whether these ribs will taste heavenly or not, Ohanian has already won hearts with his dedication to keeping his family happy.

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