Jade Confirms she Been back F***ing with OFFSET 8 Weeks Ago, Cardi B Breaks down because SHE KNOWS

Now, Cardi has been dropping hints for weeks now that she is tired of basically walking on eggshells around Offset to protect his feelings, that she wants to put herself first, things like that, which did lead up to her confirming the breakup or whatever.

I mean, they’re married, so it would be a separation, whatever. And these two get into it publicly breakup-wise, which seems like every couple of months, which is awful, being that they’ve only been married since 2017. They’re both young and in marriage, you expect and vow to spend the rest of your life with that person. So to only be six years in, and it’s this shaky, it’s terrible. Like, how many times is he going to cheat? Like, what?

1:19 And before she could even finish saying “breakup,” like, she was still on break, and he’s out with other women publicly, which is cold because that’s still your wife, bro. Like, do you know how painful and embarrassing that is for a woman to endure?

Embarrassing. And it definitely took Cardi to her breaking point because you can talk to a mother, and a mother will play in your face, in your face, over and over and over and over and over again. And you’ll be like, watch, watch what I’m about to do, watch what I’m about to say.

And it’s so sad that, like, yo, this mother really likes to play games with me when I’m at my most vulnerable time, when I’m not the most confident. He likes to play games with me because he knows I’m not an easy girl. He knows yesterday I could have been out, I could have been chilling, I could have been this and that.

He knows I’m in my house, he knows that I’m chilling, he knows I’m not doing the most. And I really been sparing you. I really been sparing you. You’ve been feeling yourself, you jazzy ass to your B ass album and shit, and you really been fucking doing me dirty after so many years that I fucking held your ass, not even a fucking thank you that I got for your fucking ass.

Cardi B Takes Offset Back After He Got Jade PREGNANT? | Jade FINALLY Admits To Affair With Offset - YouTube

2:27 And it’s so crazy that I got to go to the fucking internet because whenever I tell you something, you don’t take shit serious. But yeah, the real tea on that was that it was because the girl that he was cheating on her with years ago, you know, Jade, the one who got beat up at her job over it or whatever, is back creeping with him yet again and was at his birthday party in Miami.

Wow. At the time, Offset was celebrating his birthday in the club. She concurrently posted herself at what appears to be the same damn club at the same damn time. And some even claimed it was the same DJ in the background and the same background, and they matched the backgrounds up. Oh, wow.

3:11 Keep in mind, though, that Jade did deny that it’s true, meaning that she’s saying that it’s not true. And here’s what she wrote: “I was out eating at a public restaurant. I was not at that weak-ass party. Now leave me the F alone.” But okay, cool. Even if she wiggled her way out of this one, what she really needs to explain is why eight weeks ago, she was repeatedly posting Offset to her stories. Clear that up, sis.

3:32 Now, as it was happening, I did peep it, but I thought one of two things. Like, wow, she’s either doing that because she’s definitely back sleeping with him on the low, which I told myself, nah, Set wouldn’t do that again. And it was one of those times where him and Cardi kind of seemed to be on good terms. And then my other thought was, okay, she’s definitely trying to get under Cardi’s skin at this point, that she’s trolling her to get possibly beat up again so that she could try to successfully sue her this time, right?

Because a girl like that is definitely all about her money. But now that Cardi has broken down like this, you gotta know that she had some kind of receipts on him. And trust me, Cardi B has receipts, y’all. She be keeping them tucked. And then when it’s time to boom, she exposes them.

Don’t sleep. She could be a whole blogger. And yes, he was seen out with a model after their breakup or whatever, but that was days before she broke down. So it wasn’t for that. It had to be something stronger than that. And no, I don’t think it’s because of what old dude said about his baby mama’s guts, who he hates, that he was making up for clout is the reason either. He’s a liar. I’m talking more hurtful receipts.

Jade MOCKS Cardi B After Offset Confirms Relationship - Cardi B FURIOUS? - YouTube

4:18 And if I was her, yes, Jade and Offset back creeping would completely send me over the top because not only are you cheating on me, but to add insult to injury is with one of my enemies. See, now you’re playing in my face and acting like my life don’t matter for real. And that’s how I would feel. Okay.

With that being said, here’s what Jade had posted on October 16th. She took to her stories and posted herself in red lingerie, basically naked, with an Offset song playing in the background. Very suspicious. But if that wasn’t enough, she then followed that with her promoting his album for the people to go cop, like she’s his wife or something. Wow. It’s like, why are you naked playing his music and why are you promoting him?

5:02 That was basically a confirmation eight weeks ago from her that she’s either back sleeping with him, whether it be physically or with his music. But it was confirmation. Now, I ain’t the light as bright, but I never saw an ex-chick who got beat up for messing with that person’s husband that took it to court and all that, only for her to be back repping and posting him again. It’s the boldness for me.

Like, what is occurring behind the scenes that made you that bold? Remember when she was bold years ago and posted a DM from Offset saying, “I really miss you,” something like that? It’s on your screens, which, of course, he did not. But now she’s bolder. And I do want to say that a little birdie told us that, yes, Jade is the one that got Cardi riled up, and that Offset was the one that made her clear it up that same day to say that, “No, I was not at his party,” and make it seem like she’s coming for him, dissing him, talking about some weak-ass party to make it seem more real.

6:00 But as y’all can see, that also wasn’t enough because people don’t believe them and obviously needed Cardi. So guess what? The birdie said that this time he’s making Jade go back to clear it up again, more officially this time on video, which is coming soon to convince the public that, “No, nothing went down.” Yikes. But yeah, that’s all, folks. But if you got more time today, check out the rest of the reactions from the people eight weeks ago when Jade had the balls to post Offset twice, which makes no sense, and she didn’t clear that up.

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