Cardi B’s outfit was torn while performing in Thailand, the reason is even more surprising. Watch the video and be stunned!

The incident took place when the famous female rapper was performing choreography in front of thousands of spectators.

The music festival season officially kicked off with both Coachella and Rolling Loud Thailand taking place last weekend. Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK and Frank Ocean are the main performers at Coachella this year. Meanwhile, Rolling Loud Thailand attracts audiences with big names like Cardi B , Chris Brown and Travis Scott.

Cardi B appeared on stage in a gorgeous yellow outfit with many sexy cutouts that fully showed off her hourglass figure. While performing her hits, the mother of two entertained the crowd with many eye-catching dance moves. Unfortunately, having an oversized butt has caused the female rapper to encounter awkward situations on stage.

While performing the butt shaking dance, Cardi B’s outfit was torn in front of thousands of spectators. Cardi quickly paused the show to deal with the incident.

Cardi had an outfit problem (Photo: Daily Mail)

She asked for help from the program staff, but the unexpected situation confused everyone. With no one coming to her aid, Cardi reluctantly left her position. However, a while later, the organizers still had no plan to handle this case.

Aware of the situation, singer Bodak Yellow decided to complete the performance in a state of costume problems. She encouraged herself: “Let it go. Let’s continue” before returning to the stage and continuing to perform.

Cardi B performs at Rolling Loud Thailand

At the end of the show, she “threw away” the audience her pair of golden clogs. Cardi B received praise for her professional handling and dedication to the audience.

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