Cardi B on Doing 3$0mes for “Cool Points” from Her Boyfriend, Not Liking it

Last year, Cardi B chopped it up with VladTV and she revealed that she’s had 3$s0mes in the past, but only to get cool points with her boyfriend. Cardi explained that she’s never been in love with a woman or slept with a woman one-on-one, but the “Bodak Yellow” rapper said that she has hooked up with a woman in a 3$s0mes.

Cardi went on to say that she’s attracted to women and enjoys intimacy with women, but she added that it’s “like p:0:rn.” Cardi went on to speak on hom0$3xuality in hip-hop, getting a real following, and her music taking off.  To hear more, hit the above clip.

Watch full video below:

From Fun to Fame: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Determination

In a candid interview, a prominent rapper opened up about her experiences with dating and sexual preferences. She confessed, “I date men, but I have fun with women.” Despite having had intimate encounters with women, she never fell in love with one. “I never had a girl that I wanted to be my girlfriend,” she explained, highlighting her deep emotional connections with men while maintaining a physical attraction to women.

Her experiences with threesomes were driven more by a desire to please her male partners rather than her own enjoyment. “When I do it, it’s just to satisfy my dude,” she admitted, likening the act to a performance rather than genuine intimacy. She expressed a preference for one-on-one connections, whether with men or women, finding true enjoyment in the intimacy shared between two people.

Reflecting on the evolving landscape of hip-hop, she noted the increasing visibility of LGBTQ+ artists. She mentioned Young M.A., Makonnen, and Chance the Rapper’s brother, highlighting their openness about their sexuality. “Hip-hop is just very homophobic,” she observed, discussing the challenges and progress within the industry. She emphasized that talent should be the focus, not sexual orientation, lamenting the lingering prejudice that still affects many artists.

Flashback: Cardi B on Doing Threesomes for "Cool Points" from Her  Boyfriend, Not Liking it

Transitioning from reality TV to a successful music career was no easy feat. Initially dismissed as a reality star and former stripper trying to rap, she faced significant skepticism. “People think it was so easy for me because I already had a following,” she said, but her previous fame often overshadowed her musical ambitions. Determined to be taken seriously, she invested heavily in her craft, working with top engineers and producers to create high-quality music.

Despite her bubbly and comedic personality, she was committed to proving herself as a serious artist. “I made sure I took my time and paid a lot of money to have the best engineers and studios,” she shared, emphasizing her dedication. She also gave opportunities to new producers, understanding the importance of being given a chance.

Her journey wasn’t just about proving others wrong but also about overcoming her own doubts. Initially skeptical of her potential to succeed, she was encouraged by a manager who recognized her talent. “He noticed every time I was on the role that I was really making things happen,” she recalled. This support reignited her passion for music, leading her to invest in her dream once again.

Practicing relentlessly, she honed her skills, transforming from an amateur to a respected rapper. “I kept wanting to get good at it,” she said, showcasing the persistence and hard work that eventually paid off. Her story is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the belief that with enough effort, anyone can achieve their dreams.

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