Putting discord rumors to rest, Ice Spice posts photo with Cardi B celebrating their Dominican roots: ‘De Lo Mio’

Putting discord rumors to rest, Ice Spice posts photo with Cardi B celebrating their Dominican roots: ‘De Lo Mio’


“De Lo Mio,” Ice Spice shares pictures of herself and Cardi B celebrating their Dominican heritage.


Hip-hop has never been hotter than it is right now, with fresh feuds amongst its biggest artists seemingly arising every week. A sweet internet discussion implies that there is now no rivalry between the two New Yorkers, Ice Spice and Cardi B, two musicians who have lately made news for fighting with colleagues.




Cardi B and Ice Spice respond to feud rumors after WAP star causes  'confusion' with comments about their heritage | The US SunCardi B addressed TikTok developer Raymonte on Wednesday after the latter posted a video in which he described the rapper as “very, very ghetto.” The two engaged in a heated exchange on X, during which Bardi called Raymonte “Mexican,” claiming he wouldn’t refer to other Dominican celebs like Ice Spice or Zoe Saldaña in the same way.




Ice Spice Posts Photos With Cardi B Celebrating Their Dominican Roots: 'De  Lo Mio' | ComplexIn a letter to Raymonte, Cardi said, “I asked you why you feel comfortable calling me a Mexican when Ice and Jharell Jerome Zoe Saldana are Dominicans and you don’t do that to them.” “You hurt me because you know that’s how people hurt me,” I said.


Then Ice entered the conversation and gave a justification. The 24-year-old added, “No offense, bardi, but it’s because I have a black parent and a Dominican parent .”





However, Cardi, 31, explained why she found Raymonte’s remark so offensive.




Cardi B & Ice Spice Squash Beef Rumors, Celebrate Their Dominican Roots -  That Grape JuiceI believe there may be some misunderstanding about what was said. I questioned why he thought it was okay to refer to me as Mexican. My parents are not from Mexico. Trini, my mother, is a full-fledged black lady. The father I have is Dominican.She tweeted, “I’m Dominican just like you,” in response to Ice Spice. “I also used other Dominicans as an example because, as you should be aware, the language often causes us to become grouped together.”



She asked Spice for a favor as she concluded her reply.



Could you also email me the photo you took of me with your camera at Vanity Fair? I’m really grateful, ,” she wrote.

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