OH BABY? Cardi B fans suspect rapper is ‘pregnant with third baby’ after spotting major clue in new photos

Cardi B also blasted her production team for this show, resulting in some nasty spats online with a particular Twitter account.

Wireless Festival: Finsbury Park


Pregnancy rumors have recently spiked when it comes to Cardi B, namely due to her outfit choices at some recent public events.

Moreover, if she wanted to avoid this for the time being, then her performance at BET‘s Experience concert series last night (Friday, June 28) certainly didn’t help her in this goal.

Specifically, fans in the replies of the first tweet down below -– and all over Twitter, for that matter -– think that the Bronx femcee’s use of a large jersey suggests that she could be hiding a baby bump.

Of course, this is all just speculative at press time, but it’s still a curious possibility to consider.


Furthermore, fans also looked for clues about her new album during this performance while she blasted her production team onstage for being unprepared.

“Girl shut up,” Cardi B responded to a user who blasted her for humiliating her team in front of the crowd. “When you do a show you don’t pay after you pay before.. I paid 350,000 up front the least they could do is get my pyro ready and turn the fans on because guess what???

At the end of the day that money is not returnable… don’t half a** my show because you comfortable when I definitely don’t half a** when it comes to paying.. don’t tell me how to talk to anybody when you the same h*e talkin bout my kids and other deceased parents for no reason.”

Cardi B’s Outfit At BET Experience Show

Cardi B shared several photos showcasing her outfit from the 4th Annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards


This nasty social media exchange continued, and after Cardi B seemingly blocked the account, it seems like it wrapped up quick. Back to these pregnancy rumors, though: this is particularly of note because of her turbulent relationship with Offset as of late. While they’ve always had bumps in the road and made up, things are pretty unclear at press time as to their relationship status. Perhaps this will be their next moment of full-blown familial and romantic reconciliation.

Fans Speculate On Pregnancy Rumors







Nevertheless, we can’t speculate too much on Cardi B pregnancy rumors before hitting a wall. We’ll see whether a new album rollout also pairs with another baby on the way. In the meantime, fans will have to dig elsewhere for updates on either. Just be careful of which jerseys you deem big enough to hide a baby bump.

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