Nicki Minaj Faces Criticism Over Lack of Support for Her Sister Ming Li’s Music Career

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In a recent turn of events, Nicki Minaj has found herself at the center of controversy regarding her relationship with her younger sister, Ming Li. The debate has ignited discussions among fans and critics alike, with many questioning why Nicki hasn’t lent a helping hand to Ming Li’s burgeoning music career.

On a popular podcast, Ming Li, who is now 18 years old, revealed that she and Nicki were never particularly close, which might explain why Nicki hasn’t actively supported her sister’s career aspirations. According to Ming Li, they share the same father but have different relationships with him, and Nicki’s turbulent history with their father has further complicated their familial ties.

Nicki’s past issues with her father have been well-documented, including allegations of drug abuse and a traumatic incident where he allegedly set their house on fire. These events led to Nicki distancing herself from her father’s side of the family, including Ming Li. Despite the familial disconnect, some fans have harshly criticized Nicki, accusing her of neglecting her sister.

However, others argue that Nicki isn’t obligated to assist Ming Li in launching her music career. They point out that Nicki herself had to work hard to achieve her success without relying on family connections. As one commenter noted, “If you’re passionate about it, you should take that journey on yourself. It’s different than going to school and needing to pay tuition—this is music, it’s art.”


Ming Li has acknowledged that she and Nicki often have a rocky relationship, with Nicki expressing concern over the potential dangers of the music industry. This protective stance might stem from Nicki’s own experiences and traumas within the industry, where young women often face significant challenges and exploitation.

Despite the criticism, Nicki’s stance remains clear: she believes that Ming Li should carve out her own path in the music world. As one supporter put it, “Nicki had no one doing it for her, so she’s encouraging her sister to do it herself.”

The debate also touches on the broader issue of familial obligations. Many argue that Nicki, as a successful artist and public figure, shouldn’t be held responsible for Ming Li’s career or her living conditions. Nicki has her own child to care for and her own career to manage, which further complicates her ability to support her sister.

Ultimately, the situation highlights the complexities of family dynamics and the pressures faced by celebrities. As fans continue to debate and share their opinions, it remains to be seen how the relationship between Nicki and Ming Li will evolve. For now, the controversy serves as a reminder that success in the music industry often requires not just talent, but also resilience and independence.

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