McLaren mercilessly bashes Max Verstappen’s Austrian GP crash involving Lando Norris’

“Entire world can see who’s at fault.” McLaren mercilessly bashes Max Verstappen’s Austrian GP crash involving Lando Norris’ 

Lando Norris, Andrea Stella and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

McLaren Team Principal, Andrea Stella appeared furious regarding the collision between Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, which took place during the closing stages of the Austrian GP. Stella has lashed out at Verstappen for being the one at fault and forcing Norris to retire early.

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris have been fierce competitors for the greater part of this season and have demonstrated hard and fast racing on many occasions. But the race in Spielberg proved to be a difficult one for both of them as the drivers collided in an attempt to take the lead in the race.

Verstappen started the race in pole position leading the majority of the 71 laps around the Red Bull Ring but faced a challenging battle from second-placed Lando Norris. The latter tussled with the Dutch driver in an extremely competitive manner. However, an incident around lap 65 ended in a mishap for both after Verstappen seemingly appeared to block Norris from making an overtake on the outside which caused damage to both of their cars.

The entire population of the world can see whose at fault apart from one group of people.

Andrea Stella said post Austrian GP

Andrea Stella has hence blamed Max Verstappen, claiming that the 26-year-old made a block knowingly as he pushed Norris off the track. Stella further asserted that anyone in the world except Red Bull could be a witness to the fact that the incident was the fault of Verstappen and not Norris, which ended up causing damage to McLaren’s front wing and tires.
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Andrea Stella criticizes Max Verstappen’s approach to racing after Austrian GP crash

Andrea Stella has not been one to mince words after Verstappen’s crash. Stella has said that Verstappen has been one to commit these mistakes and crashes over a prolonged period of time but has never faced the appropriate repercussions for the same in his F1 career.
Andrea Stella and Max VerstappenAndrea Stella and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

The problem is that if you don’t address these things honestly, they will come back. They have come back today because they were not addressed properly in the past where there were fights with Lewis that needed to be punished in a harsher way.

Andrea Stella said post Austrian GP

Andrea Stella has fiercely opposed Verstappen’s reckless Austrian GP move and took the example of the title fights between Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen back in 2020 and 2021, where ample collisions and incidents took place between the two but never ended in a severe penalty, despite being an offence on most occasions.

The collision between Verstappen and Norris forced the latter to end the race without points, which comes as a blow to the team in a crucial period of the title race. McLaren will, however, seek to regroup and regain their composure as they eye a better performance in Silverstone to deliver a payback to Red Bull.

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