George Russell and Lewis Hamilton REJOICE with fans in Silverstone as England qualify for Euros semi-finals

WATCH: George Russell and Lewis Hamilton REJOICE with fans in Silverstone as England qualify for Euros semi-finals

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton (Via: Imago, Instagram/Silverstone, screenshot)

The hours since the British GP qualifying session, have proved to be incredibly memorable for the Brits all over the world. Firstly, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton locked up the front row for today’s race and secondly, just a few hours later, England beat Switzerland (5-3) on penalties to secure a place in the 2024 Euros semi-finals.

The England vs. Switzerland quarterfinal match was a nerve-wracking affair. The Swiss were the ones to score first in the latter part of the second half, but it was England’s left-winger, Bukayo Saka who had the last laugh with a scintillating left-foot curler in the 79th minute of the match.

Everyone’s eyes were glued on the blockbuster match and so were the eyes of Mercedes’s British duo, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. Moreover, they watched the match with the fans in Silverstone via the fans zone.

After the match went into the penalties, everyone was on the edge of their seats. However, the moment England’s Trent-Alexander Arnold scored the final penalty, the fans erupted in Silverstone and the same was the case with the Mercedes duo. They were on cloud 9 with England’s victory and Russell was even wearing an England fan jersey during the celebrations.

Lewis Hamilton feels the W15 will perform well in the British GP

While Russell and Hamilton had the time of their lives celebrating England’s quarterfinal win in the Euros, the duo has a huge task heading their way. The 52-lap British Grand Prix is just around the corner with the duo starting from the front row.

After the qualifying session, Hamilton was asked to dwell on W15’s race pace, his conversation with the interviewer went like this.

Interviewer: Do you have belief in the long-run pace of the car? 
Hamilton: Well, I think I was cautious with my set-up, more thinking to have a nice balance in the race rather than all for one particular lap. So I do think that the car will be good tomorrow, yeah.

Lewis Hamilton via an interview in Silverstone

Mercedes has locked out the front row for a Grand Prix after an extremely long time. The crowd will be fully behind their home heroes Russell and Hamilton during the race and considering this, there is a very good chance that the Brackley-based team could end up on the podium with both its cars. It will be an immensely pleasing feeling for Toto Wolff and Co. to amass another victory following Russell’s last week’s triumph at the Red Bull Ring.

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