Ex-GP2 Champion Claims Max Verstappen’s “Invincible” Attitude Stems Controversial Moments on Track

Ex-GP2 Champion Claims Max Verstappen’s "Invincible" Attitude Stems Controversial Moments on Track
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The Max Verstappen-Lando Norris crash saga from the Austrian GP is the latest to leave the F1 community divided. Among those blaming Verstappen for the crash is former GP2 champion Davide Valsecchi. Valsecchi, however, did not stop there. He went a step further to peak into the Dutchman’s psyche to reason why he often finds him in controversies. For that, Valsecchi blames his ‘invincible’ attitude.

Speaking on the latest episode of the F1 Nation podcast, he said, “[Verstappen] was probably a bit over the limit. So, sometimes, he is not able to accept that someone is beating him and he is extreme in his defense. Sometimes, he moved at the end of the braking point. But believe me, in that area, it’s not easy because he is not completely straight. You can watch your rival just at the end of that brake.”

Verstappen has faced the same allegation right from the start of his F1 career. He was often called out for his ‘do or die’ approach, which even Lewis Hamilton once pointed out. The same attitude led to several crashes between him and Hamilton during the 2021 campaign as well. Surprisingly, Verstappen acknowledged this reputation but doesn’t think it was the reason behind his crash with Norris in Spielberg.

Many, including Valsecchi, however, feel that being under pressure, Verstappen is back to being his old self on the track after two years of comfortable victories.

The reigning champion has already faced defeat in four races so far in the season. That is one more than the number of races he lost in the entire 2023 campaign. While he still holds a comfortable lead over others, the piling defeats could be unnerving.

Have Max Verstappen and Lando Norris sorted out their differences?

Still in the heat of the moment, Norris made a shocking remark on Verstappen at the end of the Austrian GP. The Briton talked about reconsidering his friendship with the Dutchman if he did not own up to his mistake. Given how close the duo is and how often they enjoy each other’s company away from the track, the remark came as a surprise.

Verstappen, however, did not oblige. Right after taking the chequered flag, he was made aware of the 10-second penalty he was handed for the collision which ended Norris’ race. Not only did he slam the FIA’s verdict, but he also maintained his innocence while revealing how he had no other choice at the moment.

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner, however, gave a welcoming update recently. The Red Bull boss revealed the two drivers had already had a talk and had put the incident behind them. He also maintained that Verstappen held no grudges but wasn’t sure if Norris did the same.

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