Christian Horner claims Silverstone ‘in the s**t’ if it can’t sell out after Max Verstappen-Lando Norris clash

Christian Horner claims Silverstone ‘in the s**t’ if it can’t sell out after Max Verstappen-Lando Norris clash

Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Christian Horner (Via: Imago)

The past few races have been exciting at the front end of the F1 grid. Red Bull had started the season with an unprecedented lead, but they have fallen into the clutches of their rivals. Amidst all these, British GP organizers claimed that Max Verstappen‘s dominance had made selling tickets tough. Christian Horner has shot back at the organizers by claiming that if they can’t sell the tickets amid the Verstappen-Lando Norris rivalry, then they are in hot waters.

Max Verstappen has been dominating F1 for the past few years. He won his first title in the infamous 2021 championship fight and has been leading the grid. On the other hand, British GP organizers revealed that they have been finding it hard to sell tickets under the Dutchman’s reign. However, in a stark turn of events, Red Bull has been fighting with McLaren for the past few weekends and the fortunes seem to be turning.

Witnessing the developing title rivalry, Christian Horner lamented the race organizers’ inability to sell tickets.

I think the British Grand Prix is set to be a continuation of the theme that we’ve seen in the last few races. If they can’t sell tickets now, then they’re probably in the sh**.

Christian Horner said in an interview with PlanetF1

The 50-year-old pointed out that in the recent races Lando Norris and Verstappen have been fighting it out. Moreover, with their recent collision in Austria, their rivalry might be at its peak. Thus, fans would want to have a glimpse of the same in Silverstone and if the race organizers still cannot sell passes to the race, then they are the ones in trouble.
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Christian Horner expects Silverstone to give Max Verstappen a ‘reasonable’ reception

Amid the heights of the rivalry between Verstappen and Norris, fans are known to play a role in every championship fight. Moreover, the Dutchman is often known to be booed at circuits for his strong domination, which has intrigued Horner to admit that he expects a reasonable welcome for Verstappen at Silverstone.
Red Bull's Christian Horner and Max VerstappenChristian Horner and Max Verstappen (Via: Imago)
Silverstone is well-known for its hostile environment toward non-Brititsh racers, especially Max Verstapppen.

I hope Max[Verstappen] gets a reasonable reception and I'm sure it's going to be all orange again this weekend - perhaps not Max Verstappen fans, more McLaren fans. That'll be water off a duck's back to him, he'll have his head down and he won't change. He's the racer he is and I'm sure he'll race just as hard this weekend.

Christian Horner said in an interview with Sky Sports

Horner admitted that the weekend would be full of orange yet again, but it would be in the form of McLaren fans. He then stated that Verstappen won’t be focused on such off-track tactics, and would keep his head down to maximize the weekend in Silverstone.

The upcoming weekend in Britain would be the last race before almost a two-week break. Thus, both Verstappen and Norris would be in a battle to assert their dominance over one another before heading into the break.

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