Cardi B Performs at Senior Center During Carpool Karaoke — and Gets Asked Out on a Date!

On The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host hilariously took the rapper to a senior center, where she was a hit. James Corden wanted Cardi B to gain some older fans — so he took matters into his own hands. On The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host, 40, hilariously brought the rapper, 26, to a senior center, where she was a hit in a crowd filled with some who had never heard of her.


“What’s the oldest audience you think you’ve ever played to?” Corden asked her as they cruised around during a Carpool Karaoke segment.

“I don’t think I have,” Cardi replied.

“You don’t think that’s a market that has got into Cardi B yet?” he pressed.

“I mean, where can I perform for older people?” Cardi said.

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Corden pulled up at the Culver City Senior Center, where he and Cardi crashed an afternoon dance class. The duo hopped up on the center’s small stage to drop the news that the group was getting a personal performance.

“I’m so sorry to hijack your class, but we wanted to come, we thought we wanted to try and mix things up a bit,” Corden said. “Cardi B, biggest-selling female artist in the world.”


Even as Corden’s introduction inspired some applause, not everyone in the group was impressed: One man stepped out to make a phone call to his repairman.

Launching into a rendition of her track “I Like It,” Cardi won over the crowd as she and Corden grooved with them on the dance floor. One woman nodded along approvingly.

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One person was particularly into the visit — an elderly man named Gunter who scored a dance with Cardi. “I’m pleased to meet you!” he said, gripping her arms as they swayed. “I’m very pleased to meet you.”

Cardi B performs 'I Like It' at senior center and gets asked out on a date  | CNN

“Yay!” Cardi responded.

“Are you looking for a significant other? Are you available?” he questioned boldly.

A visibly surprised Cardi, who announced in December that she and husband Offset had called it quits, answered, “Sure.”

Cardi, whose daughter Kulture Kiari arrived in July, even shared her workout tips with the crowd. As she moved her hips in a mustard ensemble, she told the group, “I just had a baby, and this is how I lost weight.”

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Cardi B and James Corden. TERENCE PATRICK/CBS
At the end of the session, Corden polled the crowd about Cardi — but one flirty woman only had eyes for the comedian as she touched his cheek.

After Cardi granted a hug to her admirer, the entertainers left. “That was a huge success,” Corden declared.

The clip comes after a tumultuous weekend for the rapper, whose performance at the Rolling Loud festival was crashed by Offset in a bid to win her back after their split.

Stagehands rolled out three boxes that spelled out “Take Me Back Cardi,” before Offset appeared, carrying a bouquet of white flowers, according to a fan video.

Offset then proclaimed “in front of the world, I love you” into a microphone.

Cardi seemed irritated as she responded to Offset at length — off of the microphone — and after she seemingly made her point, Offset walked off the stage, and stagehands wheeled off his tribute to her.

Offset later addressed the incident on Twitter, writing, “All of my wrongs have been made public, i figure It’s only right that my apologies are made public too.”

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