British GP Results: Lewis Hamilton Breaks Record After Insane Silverstone Victory

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton / Mercedes Press Image

Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix breaking the record of the most wins at a single circuit as he celebrates his ninth win at Silverstone. Joining the Mercedes driver on the podium were Max Verstappen and Lando Norris who finished the iconic race in second and third position, respectively.

What happened in the British GP?

Formation Lap: A terrible start for Pierre Gasly who is forced to go to the pits after the Formation Lap as he is told by Alpine there is an issue with the car. He will not start the race.

Lap 1: George Russell maintains his lead from pole position with his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton close behind. Max Verstappen gains a position on Lando Norris as he moves from fourth to third. Further back, Alex Albon and Fernando Alonso had contact at the first corner causing damage to the Williams, but he is currently able to continue with the race.

Lap 8: Alpine confirms that Pierre Gasly suffered from a suspected gearbox issue.

Lap 9: George Russell has kept his lead, 1.7 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton who has a 2.3 second gap behind him to Max Verstappen. Rain is expected in roughly 7 minutes time and is likely to last for 10 minutes.

Lap 10: Max Verstappen reports to Red Bull that he is feeling the front tires fading slightly. He says, “My front tires are not working. I can’t do s**t.”

Lap 11: Sergio Perez, who started from the pit lane, is making his way up the field on hard tires. He is currently running in 16th position.

Lap 14: Lando Norris, running in fourth, is now within DRS range of Max Verstappen in front of him.

Lap 16: Lando Norris overtakes Max Verstappen to take third position.

Lap 17: Lando Norris has extended his lead on Max Verstappen to be out of the DRS zone. More bad news for the Dutch driver as he now has to defend himself from Oscar Piastri who is now within DRS range behind him. Later in the lap, Piastri gets the move done and overtakes the reigning champion.

Lap 18: Lewis Hamilton takes the lead of the British Grand Prix! The rain is beginning to fall more now.

Lap 19: Both Mercedes run off the track at Stowe but manage to avoid crashing. However, as the British drivers rejoin the track, Russell loses his second position to Lando Norris.

Lap 20: Now Lando Norris takes the lead of the race from Lewis Hamilton! Oscar Piastri joins in with the overtaking and takes third position from George Russell.

Lap 20: Oscar Piastri now takes the second position from Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes advise Hamilton to change to intermediate tires, however, the British driver wants to stay out as there are dry spots on the track.

Lap 22: It looks as though the drivers are through the first rain spell but another is expected shortly.

Lap 24: McLaren reports to Lando Norris that the next batch of rain is starting and is expected to last for 30 minutes.

Lap 25: Charles Leclerc, who put on intermediate tires far too early in the race, is now struggling down in 16th position followed by Sergio Perez who has had the same issue.

Lap 26: Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz pit for intermediate tires.

Lap 27: Lando Norris pits and his McLaren teammate Oscar Piastri stays out. Mercedes pull off a double-stack pit stop for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Lap 28: Oscar Piastri now pits from the lead of the race. He comes out in 6th position.

Lap 29: Lando Norris now leads the race followed by Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. McLaren tells Oscar Piastri that the rain will last until Lap 40.

Lap 31: Max Verstappen reports to Red Bull: “Tires are degrading a lot.”

Lap 32: Lewis Hamilton reports to Mercedes: “Front tires are falling apart.”

Lap 34: George Russell is told to retire the car after starting the race from pole position. It is currently not clear what has gone wrong with the Mercedes.

Lap 35: Mercedes now reveals that George Russell retired due to a suspected water system issue.

Lap 36: Lewis Hamilton is beginning to close the gap to Lando Norris. The Mercedes driver is now within 2 seconds of the leader.

Lap 38: Lewis Hamilton goes for the undercut and pits for the soft tires. Max Verstappen follows suit and pits for hards. The knock-on effect sees Oscar Piastri pit for medium tires.

Lap 40: Lando Norris, who is leading, now comes into the pits for soft tires but suffers a 4.5-second stop and comes out behind Lewis Hamilton.

Lap 43: Lewis Hamilton continues his lead, 2.4 seconds ahead of Lando Norris who is 2.7 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen. Both Hamilton and Norris are on soft tires, whereas, Verstappen is on hard tires.

Lap 47: Max Verstappen is now within DRS range of Lando Norris as the battle for second position heats up.

Lap 48: Max Verstappen overtakes Lando Norris for second position.

Lap 49: Lewis Hamilton has a 3.3-second lead on Max Verstappen.

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