Beyonce’s Mom, Ms. Tina Knowles Break Social Media To Send Clear Message To Cardi B After Share Kulture’s lavish Room in $5.8m Atlanta Mansion

Beyonce’s Mom, Ms. Tina Knowles showcased another genius love towards Cardi B over how she handle her family’s in proper ways especially her kids Kulture Kiari and Wave Set.


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The 31-year-old shared an inside look at her daughter Kulture’s over-the-top room complete with a fancy bed and larger-than-life stuffed animals.

The rapper shares her 5-year-old little girl and her 2-year-old son Wave Set with her husband Offset, 32.

Cardi B, 31, posted a rare video clip of her daughter Kulture’s bedroom at her $5.8 million Atlanta mansion on Tuesday.

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In the snap, shared to her Instagram Stories, the little girl was bundled into her fancy bed watching TV on her iPad.

The circular children’s bunk was white with shiny gold paint around the rim and filled with cozy blankets.

The room was painted in a soft pink tone, with velour accessories scattered throughout.

A large rounded nude velvet couch was lined against the back wall, where a giant cream-colored teddy bear sat.

On the right was a family of large giraffe stuffed animals which led to way to Kulture’s storage.

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The tiny tot had dozens of pink pillows scattered on her bed along with various other toys and clothing items.

The little girl looked very serious as she watched her show, and her mom persuaded her to get up and start her day.

“Kiari,” Cardi said, addressing her daughter by her middle name.

“If we get ready in 20 minutes we can get Dunkin Donuts. If we don’t get ready in 20 minutes, no Dunkin Donuts. Deal?” she asked.

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Kulture shook her head slowly in understanding, as the mother of two replied, “Alright, so you gotta let your iPad drop.”

“Come here. Ready? Let’s go,” she continued.

Her treatment for her kids showcased series of impressive good manners, and how a parent raise their kids, immediately after shared the video clips, Beyonce’s Mom, Ms. Tina Knowles showcased genius love, made comments, like the video and shared it.

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