Andrea Stella claims Max Verstappen “fully to blame” for clash with Lando Norris at Austrian GP

McLaren team boss Andrea Stella asserted that Max Verstappen should take the blame for his crash with Lando Norris in Austria.

Andrea Stella claims Max Verstappen “fully to blame” for clash with Lando Norris at Austrian GP

Lando Norris, Andrea Stella and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

The Austrian GP turned out to be an interesting race for fans. Championship leader Max Verstappen collided with Lando Norris in the ending stages of the race, virtually gifting the win to George Russell. McLaren team boss Andrea Stella has hit out at Verstappen for his defense.

Previously, Stella had claimed that the whole population could see who was at fault in this crash. Now, Andrea Stella made it clear that McLaren believes that Max Verstappen was completely to blame for this incident. The Woking team boss highlighted that drivers must race within the regulations to prevent such a collision.

For us, Max is fully to blame for this episode - so it is not about racing, it is about racing within the regulations.

Andrea Stella said, as reported by RacingNews365

Moreover, Andrea Stella urged the FIA to enforce effective measures to stop drivers from making such moves. The McLaren boss claimed that Max Verstappen should’ve been penalized in a way which was proportionate to Norris’ DNF. It must be noted that Verstappen was given a 10-second time penalty and 2 penalty points on his Super License.

It must be enforced in a way that is effective because when a car is out of the race as a consequence of the accident, the punishment needs to be proportionate to the outcome.

Andrea Stella explained

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Andrea Stella claims Max Verstappen ‘didn’t need’ to cause Austrian GP incident

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris battled hard for a handful of laps in the ending stages of the Grand Prix. Ultimately, the two drivers made contact into Turn 3 and suffered punctures on their cars. However, Verstappen managed to rejoin the race after a pitstop and bring some crucial points for Red Bull at the team’s home race.

We have so much respect for Red Bull, so much respect for Max that they don't need to do this. They don't need to do this. It is a way to compromise your reputation. Why would you do that?

Andrea Stella asserted

Certainly, Andrea Stella is far from happy with Red Bull. Lando Norris not only lost the chance to win the race, but ended up bringing no points for the team. However, fans would be looking forward to seeing how things shape up between Verstappen and Norris in the coming weeks.

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