AK Nicki Minaj emotionally shares about being hurt by Cardi B and opens up about inaccurate accusations about her

Until now, Nicki Minaj has been considered the queen of rap music. But since Cardi B “swept” the music industry with “Bodak Yellow” last summer, fans began to make comparisons and rumors that the two female rappers really didn’t “like” each other since then. collaboration with Migos at the end of 2017 called “MotorSport” .


Nicki Minaj Tears Up Over Cardi B: She 'Hurt My Feelings' | Us Weekly

The feud and competition between the two female rappers has been rumored for a long time, although both have continuously spoken out to deny this. Recently, Cardi also mentioned this again in an interview before the release of the album “Invasion of Privacy” and asserted that the feud between her and senior Nicki was just “created by the internet” and It’s not something she’s concerned about. But in this interview, Nicki just revealed that although their current relationship can be considered fine, in fact there was a bit of misunderstanding and conflict between the two in the past.

It all comes from a song that the two collaborated on with the group Migos called “MotorSport” . As previously reported, this song was originally just a collaboration between Quavo (a member of Migos) and Nicki. After the remaining members of Migos were added, Quavo texted Nicki and asked if Cardi could participate on the track and Nicki agreed: “Originally it was just me and Quavo on the song.” That song, there was no one else. Then he called and asked me if we should bring Cardi in, and I said, “Okay, let’s do it.” This was initially just Quavo.”


Nicki Minaj and Cardi B feud: A complete timeline of their ongoing rap beef  | Daily Mail Online

However, Nicki later criticized Cardi’s lack of respect for her in interviews on “MotorSport” . The “Anaconda” singer shared: “The only thing from Cardi that really, really, really hurt me was the first interview she did after ‘MotorSport’ came out. I remember about When I first started singing and became famous, if a female artist sang with me, I would always praise and thank them. The first interview she did really made me sad because she looked so serious and angry. And the only thing she said was: “I didn’t hear that part, she changed her part.” I was very surprised and wondered what’s going on.”

The interview Nicki mentioned was Cardi’s with Capital the part you hear now. And Quavo told me to be on this song, and I just felt like it was the perfect opportunity for me to be a part of such a big project because they’re all these guys. I’m old, and I’m just starting my career.”


These statements by Cardi may be true, but it unintentionally makes fans think that Nicki changed her segment after hearing Cardi’s segment, and decided to change it to her own segment. better. Nicki shared that she then contacted Quavo and asked him to tell the truth to protect her, but unfortunately the result was not as expected: “I really like Quavo. At that time I went on Twitter and explained how “Motorsport” was made, and everyone thought I was lying. So I texted Quavo: “Hey, can you help me with this? Because I don’t want people to think I’m lying. What do I have to lie about?”


Nicki Minaj Breaks Silence on Cardi B Brawl: I Was 'Humiliated' |  Entertainment Tonight

Surprisingly, Quavo did not support his friend. Nicki continued: “But he didn’t help me. He texted me and said ‘I would go on Twitter and defend you if you were my girlfriend.’ And that hurt.” me because he is someone I really love. I feel hurt knowing that everyone just wants to watch me get cursed and not a single person steps in to tell the truth. They will let people talk about the words That lie just because it’s fun to see Nicki as a bad person. It’s sad.”

In addition, Nicki also clarified that the reason why she and Cardi did not film together in MotorSport’s MV was due to scheduling issues because they both used the same hair stylist. Nicki continued, “And when I had the chance to explain things, no one did. Everyone made me look like a liar. I told Quavo, ‘You know. If I don’t show up on the day she’s filming, they’ll think I’m doing it because I’m mean.” In the end, I had to shoot another day. They all knew that and still made the calls. interview. They go around just painting Nicki as the bad guy and playing the victim. It really, really, really hurts me because I really completely support her.”

Nicki also said that it’s not that she hates Cardi, she just feels disappointed that Cardi doesn’t show her any respect and love just because of the “Nicki hating trend”: “Until the last interview Here she does, I’ve never seen her show real feelings for me. Only her most recent interview made me feel happy, that’s when she said real things niceness about me. I can only imagine how many girls would want to collaborate with Nicki Minaj. I don’t want to sound cocky, but… I mean like, the first thing you say when someone The question you asked about working with Nicki Minaj was, “She changed her segment.” Sorry? It’s because of the “Nicki-hating trend” that makes her feel like she can talk about me that way.” However, Nicki also added that she holds no grudge against Cardi and Quavo in her heart.

During the interview, Nicki still showed support for Cardi B and wished her junior nothing but success: “I want to say hello to Cardi and all female rappers. With Cardi B, she is did exactly what she should have done. She did everything very well.”

Then, on Thursday, Nicki also took to Twitter to once again express her feelings regarding the segments in “MotorSport”: “How can you tell others to change the segment and then forget? told Quavo TOLD me to remove my singing part (which I love) & Atlantic told me to remove your name from my segment at your request So how did these changes happen? What if I don’t “change” my segment?”

Fans also expressed their opinion that it’s not really that the two female rappers hate each other, it’s just that there is a misunderstanding between them that has never been resolved, and it all stems from… Quavo:

– “Quavo is the one who deserves to be cursed when Nicki isn’t even cursing Cardi but all of you don’t even think twice about everything and just want Cardi and Nicki to fight with each other.”

– “Migos should have clarified everything with both Nicki and Cardi about this collaboration and planned better to ensure they could appear together in the MV. I blame them.”

– “Cardi B didn’t lie about Nicki changing her segment, she just didn’t explain in the interview why. It’s because Migos brainwashed Cardi and told her that Nicki calls herself Nick Lombardi (a famous coach) and Cardi is QB (a star player) which means Cardi is only ranked 2nd. It’s terrible.”

– “Once again all of this is because of Migos, not because of Cardi and Nicki. That’s why Nicki said she was hurt and also why Cardi B is acting awkward like so in those interviews. Because this is a really awkward situation.”

” Nicki doesn’t want to let people play with her. She has no reason to lie, she had a big fight with Lil’ Kim & Remy Ma, so if she curses Cardi she will There’s no problem. There’s no feud, it’s just two women misunderstanding and fighting each other because of the men.”

– “You guys just sit here and say Cardi’s career is over, but if you use your brain and think back, it was Quavo and the record label who destroyed everything and caused all of this. You guys just like to watch women fight with each other. Please shut up.”

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