“You Got Me Crying in This Motherf**Ker”: Teary-Eyed Mike Tyson Reveals the Moment He Wish His Father-Figure Cus D’Amato Was Alive to Witness

During Patrick Bet-David’s interview with Mike Tyson, he revealed how his mentor, the legendary coach Cus D’Amato, shaped who he is today. The conversation took an unexpectedly emotional tone when an audience member asked him a question about Cus, and a teary-eyed Tyson answered, “You got me crying in this mother****er!”

Tyson’s raw, authentic words offer insight into the connection between Tyson and the man who was a father figure for him. What prompted Tyson to get emotional was when a fan presented Mike Tyson with a scenario where the late coach was brought back to life for a period of fifteen minutes. As soon as the fan asked his first question, Mike Tyson broke down.

Mike Tyson reminisces about his late mentor

The fan asked three questions. The first of which was – what was the single thing he wished he could have informed the late coach but never got an opportunity to. Tyson, while fighting back his tears, replied, “They call me the greatest.” Tyson’s emotional response to the first part signifies his relationship with D’Amato.

The fan’s second question explored the instance that Tyson wished D’Amato could have witnessed but passed away before witnessing it. “My first title yeah my first title fight,” declared Tyson. Iron Mike won his Heavyweight title in 1986, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history, just a year after his mentor had passed away. Emotions ran high as Tyson thought back on the profound impact D’Amato had on both his life and career, which may be why Tyson cried out, “ You N*****  got me crying in this motherf***er.”

Was he the first person that believed in you the way that he did?” asked Bet-David. Tyson’s response was in the affirmative, stating, “The power of somebody believing in you – we all need a mentor.”

Mike Tyson’s early trainer and mentor, Cus D’Amato, played a pivotal role in shaping Tyson’s transformation into the formidable ‘Iron Mike’ and a dominant force in the boxing arena.

Young Mike finds a father figure in D’Amato

Former boxer Bobby Stewart discovered Tyson’s talent when the 13-year-old was in detention, introducing him to D’Amato. D’Amato, Tyson’s trainer and legal guardian until his passing in 1985, shared boxing expertise and fostered self-assurance. In a critical moment, D’Amato desired a physique for Tyson in line with heavyweight boxers Mike Weaver or Ken Norton, prompting Tyson to commit to cultivating his imposing presence despite emotional discomfort.

In response, Tyson assured D’Amato, “Don’t worry Cus… You watch. One day the whole world is going to be afraid of me. When they mention my name, they’ll sweat blood, Cus.” This became the defining moment, signifying Tyson’s complete adoption of the ‘Iron Mike’ persona and his dedication to embodying the savage identity envisioned by D’Amato that eventually led him to becoming world champion.

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