Kim Kardashian has ‘no recollection’ of backflipping on dancefloor after taking ‘shots’

Kim Kardashian was among the many guests who attended her sister Khloe Kardashian’s ‘diamonds and denim’ themed 40th birthday party.

Taking to social media, the star shared videos of herself nailing the theme in a double denim combo, and getting into the swing of the party by dancing with the other guests.

In one video shared on her social media, Kim danced with Cade Hudson, best known as Britney Spears’ manager and close friend.

In the video, Kim is lifted up by her legs, flipped around and over Cade’s shoulder in the perfect backwards flip.

Kim shared this moment on her social media after the party and revealed in the caption that she may have been slightly worse for wear when she was dancing like this at the event.

‘No recollection of this but thank you Cade Hudson,’ Kim captioned the video shared on her Instagram story.

She shared another video of her dancing in the same fashion, but shed a little light on the evening – revealing they did this multiple times.

Kim Kardashian backflipped
Kim was thrown in the air in the video (Picture: Kim Kardashian)

Kim Kardashian backflipped
The star joked about her brief stint in the dancing competition (Picture: Kim Kardashian /Instagram)
‘So apparently, I was doing this multiple times till we shut the party down.

‘Damn, I wish someone told me to have some shots before Dancing With The Stars and I might have lasted a bit longer,’ she joked.

This referenced her brief stint on season seven of Dancing with the Stars in 2008 when she was partnered with Mark Ballas and the third contestant to be eliminated from the competition.

Khloe’s party seemed to be a fun-filled cowboy-themed event that was complete with stetsons, a mechanical bull, and Snoop Dog singing to the birthday girl.

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