Despite Ferrari’s Lean Patch, Lewis Hamilton Is Confident About His Decision for Next Year

Despite Ferrari’s Lean Patch, Lewis Hamilton Is Confident About His Decision for Next Year
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After a strong start to the season, Ferrari has fallen down the pecking order and how. The Italian team was Red Bull’s closest rival and now they’re slower than Mercedes, who have made remarkable progress on the other hand. This, however, puts Lewis Hamilton in a tricky position. The record British GP winner’s decision to switch to Maranello in 2025 is being questioned now. But he himself continues to have faith in his decision.

After emerging victorious in Silverstone, Hamilton spoke about his future move in the post-race press conference.

“I think only time will tell. What I can say is that I’m not giving up. I feel like I’m making the right decisions with my life, with how I prepare and how I manage my time, the decision I’ve taken, for next year, the commitment I still have to this team, and the love that I still have for this team and the love that I still have for my job. I really, really love this job.”

Mercedes is now miles ahead of Ferrari in terms of performance, as evidenced by the last three races. And Hamilton likely played a huge part in this, being adamant about changing the flaws in the car’s designs. After weeks and months of hard work, the Silver Arrows are back on top, winning back-to-back races.

In Austria, Russell was in P3 and luck was on his side as he capitalized on Lando Norris and Max Verstappen’s crash. However, the British GP was won on merit. Without Hamilton’s experience and perfect judgment, however, it wouldn’t have been possible.

How Lewis Hamilton ensured his win at the British GP

The race in Silverstone was tricky for all those involved in the mix for a win. Weather conditions kept changing and teams and drivers had to be sharp, to make the right decision regarding strategy and how the car would perform.

When the weather first took a turn for the worse, Hamilton made the call to stay out. He even lost a position to Norris for the lead, but pitted for new tires eventually which put him in the lead.

As such, Hamilton was P1 in his last stint, allowing him to drive the W15 to victory in front of his home fans. Drivers like Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez meanwhile, made the mistake of pitting too early, which effectively spoiled their race.

This highlights how Hamilton’s split-second decisions were important in him winning his first F1 race in 954 days.

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