“The more haters he has, the more he stands out” – Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-teammate issues warning to Portugal captain’s critics

Portugal v Slovenia: Round of 16 - UEFA EURO 2024Portugal v Slovenia: Round of 16 – UEFA EURO 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo’s former teammate Pedro Mendes has warned the Portugal star’s critics, saying the forward will bounce back after a disappointing Euro 2024 so far. He believes that the Al Nassr star shines brighter when he is under pressure.

Speaking to RECORD, Mendes stated that Ronaldo feeds off the hate he gets and does better. He hinted that it could be a blessing in disguise that the world was doubting the forward and said:

“To be a bit ironic, it’s actually good that the French, the Portuguese and the whole world are suspicious of Cristiano Ronaldo. The more haters he has, the more life they give him and the more he stands out. Who’s to say that he won’t be able to take advantage of this last less successful performance to join forces and become the hero of the next game, just like he has been on other occasions? It’s actually good that this distrust exists, because he could, at any moment, open up and celebrate his first goal in this European Championship.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to score at the EURO 2024. Notably, he missed a crucial penalty in extra time during the Round of 16 clash with Slovenia. However, he redeemed himself by converting a penalty in the shootout, which they won 3-0.

Roberto Martinez is afraid to drop Cristiano Ronaldo, claims pundit

Chris Sutton has questioned if Roberto Martinez is afraid to drop Cristiano Ronaldo from the Portugal starting XI. He believes that the forward has not done enough to keep his spot and wrote in the Daily Mail:

“I’m looking at Roberto Martinez, someone with such a lack of backbone that I’m surprised he’s standing up straight in the technical area. He almost seems scared to axe Ronaldo, who might as well be named Portugal’s manager with the amount of carte blanche he is being gifted in Germany. Eventually, a manager must realise when a player is not benefiting the team, no matter who it is. You have to be brave enough to make difficult decisions without worrying whom you might upset.”

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