Rihanna explodes with jaw dropping claims about Jay – Z!

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Rihanna has shocked the world with her explosive allegations against Jay Z, her former mentor and boss at Roc Nation.

In a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Barbadian singer accused Jay Z of cheating on Beyoncé, stealing her royalties, and sabotaging her career.

She said that Jay Z was the reason she broke up with Chris Brown, Drake, and Hassan Jameel, as he threatened to ruin their lives if they stayed with her.

She also said that Jay Z tried to force her into a threesome with him and Beyoncé, but she refused. “He’s a monster, a liar, and a manipulator,” she said.

“He’s been using me and abusing me for years. He’s the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Rihanna said that she decided to speak out after she discovered that Jay Z had secretly signed a deal with Spotify to remove her music from the platform, as part of his ongoing feud with the streaming service.

She said that she felt betrayed and angry, and that she wanted to expose Jay Z for who he really is. “He’s not the king of rap, he’s the king of crap,” she said.

“He’s a fraud, a coward, and a bully. He doesn’t deserve Beyoncé, he doesn’t deserve me, and he doesn’t deserve the fans. He needs to be stopped, before he hurts anyone else.”

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