‘Low-key couple’: Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky spotted arriving NYC with their sons RZA, 18 months, and Riot, six months

With their small children in tow, Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky arrived in Paris on a low-key basis on Sunday night.

The pop princess ¿ who shares two sons with the rapper ¿ took to her Instagram on Friday to share a sizzling clip of herself in pink lingerie

On the way to the terminal, the 35-year-old singer affectionately showered her 18-month-old son RZA with a blanket.


As they landed in Europe, A$AP, 35, gave birth to their six-month-old younger son, Riot Rose Mayers.

The first confession arrived when Rihanna, prompted by a fan letter asking about her 'love language,' shared her thoughts on the matter

Wearing a black and silver tracksuit, Rihanna looked effortlessly put together with a dark hat.


A$AP, on the other hand, chose to wear a face mask and appeared relaxed in a dark sweatshirt while holding the baby carrier.


The pair is in Paris as the French city gets ready for fashion week.


It happens just a few days after Rihanna made a heartfelt revelation about her relationship with A$AP to launch her series of Valentine’s Day confessions for Savage x Fenty.

'Quality time, it's a luxury around these parts, OK?' she said with a giggle. 'I'm busy... baby daddy busy... and any time someone can carve out a little time for me, I feel really special'

The pop diva, who is parents to two sons by the rapper, posted a seductive video of herself on Instagram on Friday answering pointed questions from her followers while sporting pink knickers and a red feather boa.

She also hinted at another confession, audibly echoing the question, 'What's the most savage thing you've done for love?' before the clip faded to black

After receiving a fan message inquiring about her “love language,” Rihanna decided to make her first confession.

Fans will receive the answer, and presumably much more, as the Savage x Fenty Instagram urged: 'Follow along as we continue to share Rihanna's most savage confessions'

“Alright, so quality time is a luxury here.” She laughed as she stated. “I feel so special when someone carves out a little time for me; I’m busy, baby daddy busy.”

Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky made a low-key arrival to Paris on Sunday night with their young children

‘What’s the most vicious thing you’ve done for love?’ she loudly repeated as she also alluded to another confession. prior to the video clip going dark.

A$AP, 35, carried their younger son Riot Rose Mayers, six months, as they touched down in Europe

As the Savage x Fenty Instagram pleaded, “Follow along as we continue to share Rihanna’s most savage confessions,” fans will get the response—and probably much more.

The singer, 35, sweetly doted on her eldest son RZA, 18 months, as she wrapped him up in a blanket on the way to the terminal

When Rihanna and TechStyle Fashion Group first collaborated, Savage X Fenty was only available online.

A$AP looked chilled in a dark hoodie as he held the baby carrier and also opted for a protective face mask

All of Rihanna’s

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