8 Strict Rules Kim Kardashian Requires Kanye West To Follow To See His Kids

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, despite their high-profile divorce, remain dedicated to co-parenting their four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. To ensure the well-being and stability of their kids, Kim has established a set of strict rules that Kanye must follow to spend time with them. These guidelines are designed to create a healthy environment for the children amidst the complexities of their parents’ separation.

1. Scheduled Visits

Kim requires Kanye to adhere to a strict visitation schedule. This structure provides consistency for the children, helping them understand when they will see their father. Scheduled visits ensure that Kanye’s time with the kids is predictable and reliable, which is crucial for their emotional stability.

2. No Spontaneous Drop-Ins

Kim has made it clear that Kanye cannot drop by unannounced. This rule respects her household boundaries and ensures that the children are not caught off guard by unexpected visits. Planning ahead allows Kim to prepare the kids for their time with their father, reducing any potential stress or confusion.

3. Supervised Visits

In some instances, Kim requires that visits be supervised. This measure ensures the children’s safety and comfort, particularly during times when tensions might be high. Supervised visits provide a controlled environment where any potential conflicts can be managed.

4. Appropriate Behavior

Kim expects Kanye to maintain appropriate behavior around the kids. This includes avoiding any discussions or actions that might be upsetting or inappropriate. Kim’s focus is on creating a positive and nurturing atmosphere during Kanye’s time with the children.

5. No Media Exposure

Kim has implemented a strict rule against media exposure during Kanye’s visits. She wants to protect the children’s privacy and shield them from the public eye. This means no posting on social media or allowing paparazzi to capture their time together.

6. Consistent Communication

Kim requires consistent communication between her and Kanye regarding the children. This includes updates on their well-being, activities, and any significant events. Effective communication helps both parents stay informed and make joint decisions in the best interest of their kids.

7. No Negative Talk About Each Other

Both Kim and Kanye are expected to refrain from speaking negatively about each other in front of the children. This rule is crucial for maintaining a positive co-parenting dynamic and ensuring that the kids do not feel caught in the middle of their parents’ conflicts.

8. Child-Centric Activities

Kim emphasizes the importance of child-centric activities during Kanye’s visits. This means engaging in activities that the children enjoy and that foster quality bonding time. Whether it’s playing games, doing homework, or simply spending time together, the focus is on the children’s interests and needs.

Kim Kardashian’s strict rules for Kanye West’s visits with their children are designed to create a stable and supportive environment amidst their separation. By establishing clear guidelines, Kim aims to protect the well-being of their kids and ensure that they continue to receive love and attention from both parents. These rules reflect a commitment to co-parenting effectively and prioritizing the children’s needs above all else.

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