Rick Ross spent over $500.000 to go to dinner with Jay Z and here’s why you’ll sаy wow

Rick Ross spent over $500.000 to go to dinner with Jay Z and here’s why you’ll sаy wow

Rick Ross must make a difficult decision between a meal with Jay-Z and a huge sum of $500,000. His unexpecteԀ choice is the result of a deep experience he had with the renowned rapper in 2008, which he just described on social media. This compelling story takes place during the lunch meeting in Manhattan, where the pivotal discussion took place.


Ross dives into the critical moment when JAY-Z, or “Hov,” as he lovingly refers to him, gives priceless counsel. Ross grinned and said, “I’m going to take the dinner, and I’m going to tell you why,” to start his story. Before I released my second album in 2008, Hov and I had this lunch rendezvous. He stopped, thinking back to the sage advice of the legendary rapper.


The tutor, JAY-Z, counseled Ross to write to any beаt he could master rather than just any beаt he felt like writing to. Leaning closer, Ross found himself engrossed in Jay-Z’s engrossing narrative of “Big Pimpin.” With a nod of assent, Ross accepted the advice and set a task for himself. He said, “Okay, bet,” in response to Jay-Z’s wise advice.


HipHopDX: Rick Ross “Didn’t Touch” His First Million Made After Signing With Jay-ZIt was an amazing transformation. Instead of writing one song for every 80 tracks he liked, Ross started to create 40 recordings out of every 80 beats he could customize. This supper he had with Jay-Z turned into a pivotal moment in his career and had a lasting impression on his creative process.


“A possibility” is Rick Ross’s statement on the ‘VERZUZ’ dispute with JAY-Z.In the meanwhile, JAY-Z discusses his thoughts on this fascinating theoretical situation in a recent CBS Mornings interview with Gayle King. His opinion is clear-cut: He says, “You gotta take the money,” referring to music CDs’ $10.99 price tag. “Take the $500,000, invest in albums, and let the music speak for itself,” he says with certainty. Everything is well there.

In this gripping story, JAY-Z’s viewpoint provides an insight into his practicality and dedication to the music business, while Rick Ross’s decision to put knowledge and mentoring above quick money gain gives depth and resonance to his artistic path.


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